Grinding Wheel Introduction
Characteristics and Performances
The main charateristics of diamond and CBN abrasives are high hardness, high thermal conductivity,free cutting and high grinding efficiency. They are suitable for the modern industry’s high efficieny and high performance machining.

With high-tech, our vitrified bond not only hard and brittle, but also featuring low sintering temperature,high bonding strength, and good holding ability of abrasive grain. Our diamond and CBN grinding wheels have the characteristics of high resistance to high temperature, oil, water, acid and alkaline, excellent self-sharpening and long redress life. They are homogeneous pore ratio, easy cooling and chip removal, no jamming and burning during grinding, no chemical reaction with iron metals, thus can increase workpiece lifespan and reduce the production cost.


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Selection of Wheel
To meet your requirements in every respect, we need the following information:
  • Shape and Dimension of the wheel
  • Grit size
  • Concentration
  • Bond (Resin, Metal, Vitrified)
  • Quantity
In addition to the above, please include the following details to insure accurate production:
  • A. Working condition
  • Machine name & HP
  • RPM of Diamond or CBN Wheel
  • RPM of workpiece
  • Infeed (mm/pass)
  • Total removal
  • Wet or Dry
  • Cycle time
  • Grinding method
  • Coolant
  • Dressing method
  • B. Workpiece
  • Material of workpiece
  • Hardness of workpiece
  • C. Required Quality
  • Surface roughness (Ra)
  • Concentricity
  • Straightness
  • Others
Material to be ground
  • CBN grinding wheel: suitable for machining hard and tough materials such as high-vanadium, steel, harden steel, die steel, cast iron, cold harden cast iron, nichrome cold harden cast iron, eutectic alloy cast iron, titanium alloy, iron materials,etc.
  • Diamond grinding wheel: suitable for machining hard and brittle materials such as hard alloy, optical glass, semiconductor, magnetic material, agate, crystal jam,etc.
  • Mixed (diamond+CBN) abrasive wheel: suitable for machining cast steel, cast iron, neodymium iron boron materials.