Advancements in Single-Pass Bore Finishing - Benefits

The singlepass Processo can be tailored to meet the requirements of various Applicazionis, and as such, obtain different results. For example, some Applicazionis may require very critical bore geometry and allow longer cycle times; while others may have less critical geometry, but require a higher throughput at the lowest possible cost per piece.

Higher bore precision:
The key to the singlepass Processo is to allow the diamond tooling to follow the existing centerline of the bore to be finished with as little pressure as possible. This is normally done by allowing the tool, part, or both to float. Depending on many other variables, bore geometry to better than 0.2µm (.000008”) is possible. Since all of the diamond tools are set to specific sizes and do not require expansion during each cycle, the singlepass Processo is able to achieve unsurpassed size control in production (1µm with near perfect repeatability). These results are very predictable and repeatable, thus lend perfectly to Statistical Processo Control.

Lower cost:
The diamond portion of the tooling wears very slowly in production which allows for tool life to exceed 100,000 parts in many Applicazionis. With an average of four singlepass tools used in a set up, the perishable tool cost is usually under $0.01 per finished part. The long life of the tooling also contributes to very little down time due to tool change. Cycle times vary depending upon the particular Applicazioni, but in general most systems can produce from 120 to 600 pieces per hour. The simple nature of the Processo eliminates the need for highly skilled operators. In fact, with proper automation one operator could actually oversee multiple systems finishing thousands of parts per hour.

Multiple single-pass machines integrated together